We do more than just build websites.

We’re building tomorrow’s social good technology.

We’re on a mission to bring cutting edge digital tools to the social impact space. Our labs division has been hard at work developing these products. Below are a few of the products we’ve cooked up to help mission driven organizations reach new heights.

Content Aggregator. Keeping your website fresh with new content can be a challenge. Our content aggregator scrapes the web in search of content relevant to your cause. With just a single click you can republish news to your website.
Bots. Engage with your supporters in a whole new way. This chat interface runs on AI which means you don’t need a human to staff it. Supporters can learn about your organization, signup for your newsletters and even make donations all through a chat interface that runs itself. Our social bot can live on your website, Facebook and other chat platforms.
Helium. For nonprofits in need of an impactful website but are on a limited budget Helium is perfect. For a low month to month subscription fee we create a custom design on top of the Helium Technology Platform. For a low monthly fee it comes packed with features specifically for nonprofits. Learn more about all Helium has to offer.

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